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“The property you looked at today and wanted to think about until tomorrow
may be the same property someone looked at yesterday and will buy today”.


Licensed Property Valuer
Licensed Property Valuer

Our director is a Licensed Property Valuer and has been heavily involved in the property industry over the last decade. As a Licensed Property Valuer, he knows how to get the best value out of a property and where the best locations are to invest.

Valued over Large Geographical Region
Valued over Large Geographical Region

Our director has covered a large percentage of Regional NSW over the last decade as a valuer and is very familiar with many geographical locations, what overlays may affect each town, and where to find the best growth with property.

Access to Off-Market Property
Access to Off-Market Property

Through our extensive database and water tight relationships with the appropriate leads, DBA have limitless access to ‘off-market’ properties. We unvail and provide you with never seen before properties that are not available to anyone else. This gives our client the competitive edge over competitive buyers.

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Our buyers agents are ready to help with an investment property, family home or help bidding at an auction.
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At DBA it is our mission to:
“Use our extensive knowledge and passion for property
to find the client the best possible value for money home or investment”.

What Our Satisfied Clients Say

  • “We used Tim for ongoing advice and assistance when looking to buy a small rural property in the Goulburn/Crookwell area. His knowledge and ability to analyse the best properties suited to us was high class. He presented us with both ‘on market’ and ‘off market’ properties which gave us multiple options, some in which we hadnt even considered. Tim was a great assest in the whole process and we purchased a property under market value with his guidance. We would certainly recommend Dean Buyers Agency to anyone in search of property”

    Steve & Karen
  • “I sought advice from Tim when looking for a vacant residential block. As i am a builder i wanted to get the best possible value for money block as my aim is to build and flip the property and benefit from the largest margin possible. I bought a block $15,000 under the asking price thanks to the assistance of Tim from Dean Buyers Agency. I can now use that money to build higher quality finishes in my house and potentially become more profitable”